Sweat St. Pete is “The Burg’s” premier training facility designed around community and teamwork. Our coaches are dedicated to getting you results with our strength and HIIT style approach through our group, small group, and one on one training.


Hustle for that muscle

We are conveniently located at:

2488 20th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, Florida


*local residents only

Let’s work out together and be friends

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PARKS & SWEAT! Come SWEAT with us this Saturday (6/6) at Flora Wylie Park. Sign up on Mindbody and bring a friend for free! Details below!
Battling the weekend?  We know you’re excited the weekend is here but we also know the struggle of getting back to reality on Monday 😫  How we can win the weekend without it turning into a sh%# show?  Not eating out every meal.  Make some meals at home, make it a fun activity instead of a chore.  Keep drinking in check.  Designate times or events to drink at, something you can look forward to! Also think about how you’re gonna feel during that next workout😅  Stay active!! Even on rest days active recovery is important.  Go for a bike ride, a hike, or paddle boarding.  Make activity fun!  Treat everyday the same.  Even though it’s the weekend live your life with the same purpose you do during the week, just with fun things!  Always remember what your health and fitness goals are and prioritize that, not to prevent bad things from happening but to allow the good things to happen!  And last but not least, join us for our PARKS & SWEAT series workouts during the weekend!  A great way to stay active, have some fun with friends, and start the weekend off right!
PARKS & SWEAT!  Come SWEAT with us this Saturday (5/30) at North Shore Park.  Sign up on Mindbody and bring a friend for free!  Details below!
Getting back to a routine isn’t always easy. You may feel like you’re dragging A%# or even a sled.  Here are some tips on how to get you motivated to get back on track.  1- Get to bed a little earlier. We’ve seen your posts and it looks like you’ve been on a wild and crazy boos fest vacay. Party is over people. Sleep is key!  2- Make sure you’re hydrating. Now that we’ve cut alcohol out of our lives “forever” (or at least we say that every time we’ve gone on a binge) it’s time to replace it with something good like water! Drink up and flush out those toxins. Add some lemon, limes or oranges if you get bored with plain water.  3- Phone a friend and make a gym date or sign up for personal training. If you know someone else is waiting for you to show up it might not be as easy to cancel.  4- Eat a healthy breakfast! Starting your day off on the right foot will make it easier to stay on track the rest of the day. You’re more likely to think before making those bad decisions if you’ve been on a good path since morning.  5- Find something you love! Sign up for that class you’ve been dying to try. Go to that gym you’ve been seeing all your friends at. Get outside and go for a walk if you love to be outside. Whatever it is, put it on your schedule and get to it! You will thank yourself later.
Pressure isn’t meant to break you, it’s designed to make you!
Who is ready to apply some pressure to that body this week?! We can’t wait to get you back in the groove. Hot girl/guy summer here we come 😍💪🏼 Classes are on the schedule. Please sign up before hand. See you soon!
So happy to see everyone getting excited about gyms reopening! We love that you guys want to get back to your healthy lifestyle. The safest we feel you can be is with a strong body and healthy immune system. *** NEW SCHEDULE*** will be up by Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you all starting back Tuesday, May 26th.
Question- will you be walking back in with some extra weight like these farmer carries or skipping in feeling light and refreshed 🤔
Do tell! #confessions
How many of you are still SWEAT-ing?  We hope you are, everyday on the private FB page. We have been bringing Sweat to your home via our LIVE workouts and will continue to do so until this madness is over.  Let us know what you think? If you’re not apart of our Sweat Society and would like to be, message us for details at info@sweatstpete.com  Stay safe friends!
Lets talk about STAYING MOTIVATED. Times are hard right now and we are all feeling it. It’s important that we focus on the positive and what we can control. Here are a few things you can do everyday to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind: •
• GET OUTSIDE! Vitamin D has some major mood-lifting benefits, also who doesn’t love a good tan? 🌞
• CONNECT WITH LOVED ONES. Now we know we are practicing social distancing but that doesn’t mean you can’t get around to finally calling that family member or friend you are forever trying to remember to check in with ☎️
• SHOP LOCAL. Lucky for us, we still have the ability to still visit our favorite local shops/restaurants and support local businesses. Make it your goal to stop in, even for something small to keep these spots in business during this tough time 🛍 •
•FUEL YOUR BODY PROPERLY! Don’t treat this down time as a vacay. Use it wisely to get creative in the kitchen. Look up those recipes you’ve been dying to try and channel your inner chef. Your fam will thank you (we hope 😬)🥬
Mindset is everything. A lot of things are out of our control but we do have the option to wake up everyday and be thankful for what we do have. Find some time to meditate, day dream, pray, etc. Focus on the things you GET to do and let all the craziness go. 🧘