4 Reasons to Keep Up With Your Workouts During the Holidays

4 Reasons to Keep Up With Your Workouts During the Holidays

There is no surprise that once mid-December hits, it can be hard to make time for much. With all of the shopping, holiday parties, baking, wrapping and entertaining we commit to doing throughout the season, it’s a miracle that we can make it through in one piece!

When our lives become hectic, we tend to drop our workouts and become more flexible on what we eat. Have Christmas Cookies taken the place of your apple a day? While our lives may be busy and chaotic during the holiday season, skipping workouts and making excuses is one of the last things that our body needs!
Even though, you probably know how amazing working out on a consistent basis feels, we have gathered reasons why you should keep up with your workouts, even through the holiday season. Read the full list below:
1. Restore Your Energy

One of the best reasons to keep up on your workouts is because of the energy it gives you. When you are running around to 3-holiday parties in one day, wrapping what feels like a hundred gifts, and doing the work of 3 elves, it can be easy to get exhausted. Keeping on track with your workouts is the best way to keep your stamina going all season long!

2. Keep The Colds At Bay

Nothing is worse than being sick during the holidays. While everyone is drinking eggnog and having a great time, you are stuck in your own world of cough medicine, tissues and hand sanitizer. The lack of energy you have could mean that you are running around at the last minute, trying to get the gifts from Santa under the tree or that last batch of cookies made. Did you know that as little as 20 minutes of exercise can help your body boost your immune system? So even on days that you think you can skip your workout, ask yourself if you can afford to be sick!

3. More Brain Power

A happy brain makes for a happy holiday! When you work out your body produces endorphins. These endorphins make you a happier person. Exercise also releases a whole bunch of other “happy” hormones that help keep your Christmas Cheer going all month long! Do yourself a favor and don’t skip those workouts!

4. Get Rid Of Stress

Let’s face it; the holidays are nothing but stress. Sure, its beautiful and magical, but December is full of family gatherings, school plays and concerts, gift giving and wrapping, and a whole slew of other stressful events. One of the best ways to get rid of stress is, you guessed it…Exercising! If you take 20 minutes out of your day to workout, your body and mind will thank you!

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