Sweat classes are built around strength, HIIT, cardio, and core workouts. At Sweat, you are part of a community of fitness enthusiasts that want motivation and workouts that get results.


This group fitness class provides a fun but challenging workout building strength and endurance through interval training with a total body focus. Better known as HIIT, this workout is designed to make you sweat fast and burn your max amount of calories all while building lean muscle.
* all levels welcome


During our group lift classes we aim to improve daily life skills through better balance, strength and flexibility. These classes will increase your muscle endurance through lifting weights while enhancing your cardiovascular ability. Although this is a slower paced class, the results are still REAL.
* all levels welcome



Come get the best of both worlds. During the LIFT portion of this class you can prepare for strength gains and some heavy lifting. Sweat will be just that, a guaranteed calorie burner to blast fat and give you your leanest physique. This is our hybrid class that leaves you feeling strong and sweaty.
*all levels welcome


SWEAT X is our extreme workout! This intense workout will push you to your limits incorporating barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and skills. During this class you will be encouraged to lift heavy weights at a fast pace. NOT for our beginner athlete. Come mentally prepared for this workout!
*Intermediate and advanced athletes welcome.

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BOOTYSweat is a lower body based HIIT class that will lift and sculpt those legs while burning calories. Grind it out alongside our instructor to gain more confidence and strength. This class uses body weight, bands, and plyometrics to target every area of your lower body. You can expect to put the heavy lifts aside and focus on burning it out with light weights and time under tension.
*all levels welcome

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Sweat Box combines basic boxing kickboxing fundamentals, plyometrics and High Intensity Interval Training to boost your heart rate and burn hundreds of calories. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike.
*all levels welcome