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We are conveniently located at:

2488 20th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, Florida


What is Sweat?

At Sweat, It’s all about getting you RESULTS through strength, HIIT and cardio based group classes!  Sweat’s mission statement is to create the best fitness experience for everybody. Giving each individual an environment to learn, grow and become the greatest version of oneself.

What are the different types of classes Sweat offers?



During our group lift classes we aim to increase muscle size with the potential to gain additional mass. This class style will be similar to bodybuilding & hypertrophy training. Think heavier weights with lower rep ranges and occasional max rep sets. This class will increase your muscle endurance through lifting weights while enhancing your cardiovascular ability. Strictly strength. No running, jumping, etc. This class includes barbell movements. Upper body and lower body program splits.
*All levels welcome



Lifting heavy weights fast is exactly what this class includes. Metabolic conditioning, muscle building, and interval weight training. You can expect to move a heavy load with speed and intention and follow it with performance based movements and or cardio. Amraps, Emoms, and Rounds for Time are a few of the formats that you will see in this class. Barbells are utilized but athletes can always modify with dumbbells or kettlebells when necessary.
*All levels welcome



SCULPT is a total body based HIIT class that will lift and sculpt while burning calories. This class uses light to heavy dumbbells and kettlebells to suit your goals, booty bands, and plyometrics to target every area of your core, lower, and upper body. You can expect to put the heavy lifts aside and focus on burning it out with lighter weights and time under tension.
*All levels welcome

  • We are confident you will be satisfied with your SWEAT experience. In fact, if you are not satisfied after completing at least twelve (12) sessions, you will receive a refund for the monthly membership dues. Sweat HR belts and other retail sales are not refundable.
  • Offer valid for first-time members only having a Sweat Unlimited membership. All twelve (12) sessions must be completed within the first month of the membership start date. A refund request must be made by contacting the gym within the first month of membership.
I haven't worked out in a long time? Can I still do the workout?

Sweat classes are designed for ALL levels of fitness and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace (with the exception of SWEAT X). Sweat coaches are here to help individuals achieve their desired result with our unique programming. Our classes give all fitness levels the options to select the movements and modifications that you are comfortable with.

I have restrictions. Can I still do your workout?

Sweat coaches are trained to provide options for each exercise. In addition, we offer low impact cardio and strength-based options if you have concerns or restrictions.

I’m pregnant. Can I still do the workout?

We always recommend checking with your doctor first if you are pregnant and would like to continue doing Sweat classes or want to start classes. Sweat’s Heart Rate Monitor offers a great way to keep an eye on your intensity as you work out. Often low impact movements and physical activity are recommended during pregnancy and have proven to be safe. If you decide it’s a good time to wait until your baby has arrived we can help you get back into shape when you are ready.

What equipment do you use at Sweat?

We use a variety of equipment including dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, Olympic bars, bands, slam balls, rowers, assault bikes, aqua boxing bags and more.

What is SweatMetrix?

Members use their Sweat Heart Rate Belt which is state of the art technology by Fitmetrix to monitor your heart rate, calories burned and workout intensity for you to get you the results you desire.
The Sweat belts:
• Track real-time effort of your workout, calories burned and results.
• Keep tabs on your own heart rate and performance metrics
• Score progress points per minute. The higher your workout intensity, the more points your score per minute for that workout.

What is EPOC?

The physiological theory behind HIIT Training (high intensity interval training) workouts is known as “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” or EPOC. Basically, burning more calories post workout for 24-36 hours when you achieve intensities at 84% or higher of maximum heart rate for 12-20 minutes during your workout.

How early should I arrive for my first Sweat class?

Try to arrive 10 minutes early if this is your first Sweat workout. This will give you time to learn more about the class, meet the instructor and get set up for class.

What do I need for class?

A workout towel, water bottle and comfortable shoes.

How do I book a class?

Book your first class by signing up online or calling a Sweat Studio most convenient for you. Once you become a Sweat member, download the Sweat app. With the app you will be able to easily view schedules, book classes and get studio updates.

How much does Sweat Classes cost?

Our rates and fees vary based on the studio, but your first workout is $10. Must be 18 years or older, local resident and a first time sweat participant.

What happens if I don’t show up to a class I am schedule for?

If you do not show up for a scheduled class, there is an automatic $15 class fee.

What happens if I late cancel a class?

We require a minimum 8-hour notice to cancel your class to avoid the session being debited from your account.

How does the Waitlist work?

6 minutes after the start of class, if spots are available, present clients on the waitlist are allowed into class in the order that they are signed up for on the waitlist. Classes are limited for safety and proper execution of the session.

What happens if I am running late to class?

No member may join class 5 minutes after class has started. Please be on time and be respectful of the instructions and other clients. It is for your safety and positive experience.

How can I cancel my membership?

Our goal is to welcome you to the club as a member and earn your business every month. We value our members. Before you cancel your membership, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience at Sweat and we will do our best to have a renewed opportunity to service you. If you must cancel for reasons out of our control, we wish you the best in your future fitness endeavors and thank you for choosing Sweat St. Pete.

Please read the following instructions to cancel your membership with Sweat St. Pete. If you have any questions, please contact our Member Service Department at or call the Studio. Please put all cancellation requests in writing and drop it off during your next visit to the club or mail certified it to the original club you joined.

Cancelling a Month to Month Membership

You may cancel your membership by visiting the club location where you initially joined and complete a cancellation form with our staff which serves as your 30-day notice to stop a membership. If it is inconvenient for you to stop into the club, you may mail a certified letter of your intent to cancel your membership to the Club your originally joined and have a membership agreement with. Member understands that all membership fees are due upon canceling of a membership including any past due membership dues. The member will still have access to the Club for any membership time paid for according to their agreement.

Cancellation Questions
  • Why can’t I cancel over the phone or by e-mail?
    In order for us to cancel your membership we must have written documentation of the change with your signature of approval. Also, if you elect to come into the club to cancel, you will receive a copy of the completed cancellation form so that you have documentation of the cancellation for your records.
  • Why do I need to cancel at the club where I initially joined?
    The club location where you initially joined is considered your home club. Any membership changes can only be processed at your home club as this is where your membership information is stored.



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