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Sweat Unlimited

Group Sweat offers a full in house schedule 7 days a week at our beautiful facility located in North St. Pete. With this membership you will have access to our strength and HIIT style group classes as well as our daily LIVE Online Sweat membership.
*does not apply to small group.

Elite Unlimited

You have to train different to be different. The exclusive ELITE membership is here! This membership will allow access to any specialty class (SWEATBox, three styles of yoga and recovery classes and BOOTYSWEAT) as well as our foundation classes (SWEAT, LIFT and SWEATX)! There will be ELITE classes every day INCLUDING SUNDAY, so be on the lookout!

Premier Membership

Big goals require more accountability. We now offer a premier membership that includes just about everything. With this membership, you will have access to our online sweat classes, all group classes as well as one 60 minute personal training session per month. You will be assigned to a trainer for monthly progress pictures, weight, measurements as well as one 30 minute goal-setting phone call once a month.
Also, you will receive 15% off all retail and ticket sales to events, seminars, etc. This program is the fast track to helping you reach your goals. Let’s do this!

Small Group Training

Love the intensity of a bootcamp class, but need a more individualized program? In a group of two to four, you will get the same benefits of a high-intensity class but each workout will be tailored to meet your specific needs and personal fitness goals. Small group, big results!

Small Group Training $60-$500
Expiration date- 1 year from purchase date
*Must schedule sessions 16 hours in advance to ensure availability. Please call 24 hour in advance to cancel.

Personal Training

Individual coaching sessions are all about YOU. They are designed to focus on the member’s specific goals and areas needing development. We will establish a baseline and track towards achieving and pushing past your goals together.

Individual Training 60 minutes $80-$700
Individual Training 30 minutes $60-$500
Private Teen Training 45 minutes $70-$600

Expiration date- 1 year from purchase date
*Must schedule sessions 36 hours in advance to ensure availability. Please call 24 hour in advance to cancel.


DROP IN = $20


SWEAT 10 PACK = $150

ELITE 10 PACK = $200


*Class packages expire 3 months from purchase date.

We offer military, student and family discounts! Just ask!

*local residents only

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