Jodi Stabile

• What is your full name?
Jodi Stabile

• Where were you born?
Holyoke, MA

• What is your all time favorite book?
Love Warrior

• Who is your hero?
My dad…true example of what a father should be.

• How long have you been a trainer/fitness instructor?
15 years

• Favorite cheat meal?

• Most daring thing you’ve ever done?
Muay Thai fighting

• Did you play any sports growing up?
Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, martial arts

• Any hobbies we need to know about?
Dancing, cooking, flower arranging and reading

• Biggest accomplishment?
2 black belts and growing Sweat St. Pete to what it is now

• Have you ever had any broken bones?

• How many siblings do you have?

• How do you stay motivated to workout and stay fit?
Always remembering where I started and knowing there are people out there doing way more than me and achieving what I want to achieve

• What’s your favorite music to listen to when training?
Gangsta rap, high energy dance music and sometimes chill

• Are you the type of person that would tell someone they had food in their teeth? Or would you let it ride?

• Dogs or cats?
Woof woof. Allergic to cats

• What’s your hidden talent not many people know about?
I can’t disclose that information

• Weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?
Foie Gras is as far as I have taken it

• What’s your favorite thing about being a SWEAT-or?
Helping people achieve things they never thought possible

• Favorite quote?
“When you know better you do better”~ Maya Angelou

• When you’re not “SWEATing” at Sweat, what are you most likely doing?
Being a hermit crab at my house. I’m a huge introvert, who knew?