The positive impact of jump rope

The jump rope is an incredibly efficient, versatile workout tool. It’s easy to use and can be done anywhere. Jumping rope is one of the best ways to build your cardio fitness, agility, and strength on the go. Whether you are at home, the office or on vacation, you can bring your jump rope with you.


Burn Calories

Very few inexpensive fitness products burn calories like a jump rope.

Jumping in a moderate way burns 10 to 16 calories per minute. Do three 10-minute rounds, and you'll burn up to 480 calories in half an hour.

According to The Research Quarterly, a journal of the American Association for Health: 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of running at a 5.7 mph pace.

Develop Agility and Speed

If you want to be lighter on your feet, get jumping! Skipping rope improves your balance and speed/coordination by keeping your mind focused on your feet for a long time, even if you are not aware of it.

Increase Bone Density

Researchers from the Bone & Joint Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Center at the University of Michigan found that jumping rope is one of the best exercises to improve bone density. Although running is a high impact exercise, it has less impact on creating strong bones because of the repeated stress on your bones. So, if running is your choice of daily exercise why not give the jump rope a try?

It Is Good for Your Brain

We know that exercise is good for the brain. Jumping rope has more significant impact on cognitive function than running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. So, the next time you jump rope, challenge yourself to try some new tricks. Try our jump rope challenge!

Jump Rope Tech

Modern exercise ropes are equipped with ball bearing handles, ultra-speed cables, and sizing systems with endless color customization. New “smart” jump ropes will count your jumps as well.


Jumping rope is still one of the most accessible and affordable fitness options out there.

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