What to eat before a workout

What To Eat Before A Workout

We all know that working out at any time of day is healthy and beneficial for your mind and body. A lot of people love working out in the morning to get it out of the way before the day gets into a full swing. Most of the time your mind is still half asleep, and you can power your way through the workout.

When you are rising earlier than the sun, it can be easy to forget or not feel the urge to eat, but it is critical for a healthy workout to have something good beforehand. According to Barbara J. Chin, a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian-nutritionist at New York’s Hospital,

For intense activities like cardio (think running, cycling or swimming), strength training, or exercise with high repetition of movements like gymnastics, dancing or martial arts, pre-exercise nutrition is vital. Your body will likely be slower and easier to exhaust if you haven't had a balanced meal before working out. Good nutrition acts like fuel before exercise; it can also help your body move better and recover faster after each workout.
So what counts as body fuel? What to eat before a workout?

Carbohydrates are some of the best things to eat before a workout of any size. That is because our bodies take those carbs and make it into glucose that helps our body keep running the way it should. If you start working out while your body is still in a “fasting” mode, such as from sleep or going long periods of time without eating, you can start to feel dizzy or weak while working out. To prevent those problems consider eating carbs and protein-rich foods.

Below we have listed a few of our favorite, go to meals that are perfect for that morning workout. To help, we have divided them up based on when you plan on eating:

Half an hour before cardio: Smaller servings that pack a punch

-A banana or several pieces of other fruit
-Gluten-free bread with jam
-2 hard boiled eggs

1 hour before cardio: Larger portions that will last a while

-Protein shake made with organic plant based protein.
-Oatmeal with protein powder or  fruit and nuts
-Eggs and gluten-free toast
-RX bar or a protein bar with minimal ingredients.

30-60 minutes before strength/resistance exercise: Energy-rich food that isn’t too heavy

-Sweet potato with ground turkey
-Trail mix made with nuts and dried fruit
-Rx bar
-Protein shake

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