Why you should join a fitness challenge

It is no surprise that we are the advocates of fitness and a healthy lifestyle as part of everyone’s life. So why should you join a challenge if you are already working out 5-times a week?

There are benefits that are often overlooked, and we want to share them with you! It is important to understand how  8-week New Year New You Body Transformation is different, and recognize the positive things the right kind of fitness challenge can do for you!

1. Insight

Setting goals is easy, but working towards them and meeting them is a challenging habit. Sometimes it takes a good deal of self-reflection and discovery. During our challenge, you will be making physical, nutritional, and lifestyle changes. So what is the cause of late night snacking? Why do we eat only one huge meal a day? Why do we stare at Facebook updates all day? Let’s replace these less than ideal habits with new healthier ones. This information might be more valuable in all areas of your life. Maybe even more valuable than all the push-ups!

2. Accountability

How often do you tell yourself, “In 5 minutes I will get up and workout.” Or, “I will get up tomorrow and do 1000 sit-ups.” Then nothing happens. Investing in our fitness challenge is a short-term monetary investment that you can do (and should do) because it will get you moving. It can also jump start a change in your existing fitness routine.

3. Extra Focus

Maybe you are in the gym every other day, (awesome – great work!) But possibly you have set a bigger fitness goal. Like running a 5k, rehabbing an old injury, or a longer than usual bike ride. Joining our Fitness Challenge with a specific start and stop date will give you the extra focus to add new workouts with an eye on training towards those goals. We will personalize the workouts for you, and the extra motivation will help you push through the challenges of taking your fitness to the next level.

4. Nutrition

We will teach you about the facts of eating healthy for the rest of your life. No need for any fad diets! Nutrition is a very individual thing. What works for your best friends might not work for you!
Our fitness challenge is a great time to explore nutrition and how your body feels. During a fitness challenge, our training team will be there every step of the way to answer questions about nutrition and help you discover the best overall plan for you.

Are you in?

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